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Finally! I like the original idea that you evoked in the WIP! The thing is, I love the way you inserted the spaghetti and meatballs in ...

HECK YES! I'd say that's R***time Ennard! Congratulations on making this WIP of him, and the font—it's the teaser font after all! I lov...

Hey mate! It's me again! Just wanted to say that I LOVE THIS. It's one of the many great SFM FNaF posters that I ever saw on DA, and I ...

Another spicy critique! Well, it looks spicy (but Baby V2 is TWICE THE SPICE), and I like the exaggerated chin on her! I like the movem...

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All my favorites from those I watched! You should go check these artists out!




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吴佳颖 – Anna Wu
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
People's Republic of China

Marionette Gifts Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Chica Requests Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by InkCartoon Mangle Kiribans Open Stamp by InkCartoon Golden Freddy Contest Closed Stamp by Ink-cartoon Freddy Commissions Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Toy Freddy Collabs Open Stamp by InkCartoon
DISCLAIMER: I don't swear/curse when it comes to anything. Even just the tiniest bit. So, to eliminate that, I just put asterisks (*) when I want to do that. Sometimes I might do that in my art.

Also, please be mindful of comments and do not use my art without my permission!


你好 (ni hao) y'all! Anna W. here. Thank you to ReeseDraws for making this wonderful picture of my persona, to Ink-cartoon for the art stats stamps, and to KyubeyGirl and Vanilla--Shake for all the "Sansational" pagedolls!

Please also follow my friend on Tumblr (even though I only have DA), fortressdash. Here's her website: fortressdash.tumblr.comand Spud is her TF2 OC, and you can ask him anything!

You can call me Gacha (I've changed my persona :)). Thanks to Pastelthebunny112 for the marvelous icon!

I'm a Chinese girl who has a very wild imagination, and I love to get creative! If you watch me, no need to say thanks; you're welcome! My birthday's the same as Grumpy Cat's (I'm such a big fan of her memes)!

I vary my art, but I guess I'm better at traditional than digital art. I am a kuudere (yeah, I start out cold with guys at first). I have athazagoraphobia, or the fear of being left out, replaced, or forgotten (just like Springtrap in Sailor-Caesium's reference sheet of him), and yes, I'm currently residing in the Philippines.

My main fandoms are Undertale, FNaF, and South Park (I don't watch it though 'cause it's too crass). I can speak Chinese and English fairly fluently and a little of French. I also like playing music, and I play both the piano and violin.

Name: Jiaying (Anna) Wu - 吴佳颖 (meaning "good and clever")

Nicknames: Anna, Gacha

Language Stats:
Chinese: native
English: expert
French: intermediate
Japanese: expert at pronouncing words, noob at other aspects

Personality: smart, funny, creative, kuudere, caring, exciting, mild introvert, INFP (on the 16-personality scale), happy (most of the time), emotional

Name: Ryuto Gachaplush
Nicknames: Ryu, Gacha
Colors: green, red, purple, yellow, pink
Personality: playful, split personality, sometimes violent, funny, cute, lovable, amiable
Chara items: headphones, video game console, stuffed Freddy Fazbear, drawing supplies, computer

Favorite FNaF characters: Pizza band, Baby, Funtimes, Toys, Nightmare Fredbear, Springtrap, Helpy

Favorite Cuphead characters: Cup brothers, Cala, Beppi, Cagney, King Dice, Goopy, Baroness von Bon Bon

Favorite memes: Shooting Stars, Ugandan Knuckles, Michael Rosen, etc.

Favorite Lazytown Songs: We Are Number One, Cooking By the Book, The Mine Song

Favorite Undertale Characters: Dreemurs, Mettaton EX (I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!), Skelebros, Alphys, Frisk, Chara, Burgerpants, Nice Cream Guy, Temmies, Ice-E (second favorite)

Favorite MPHFPC Characters: Emma, Jacob, Horace, Miss Peregrine, Enoch

Favorite Lazytown Characters: Robbie, Stingy

Favorite YouTubers: MaximumChannel, Eth, Rye-Rye99, Markiplier, Fred, Annoying Orange, Maxie, PopularMMOs, MiffedCrew

Idols: Mozart, Lang Lang, VOCALOID producers, friends on DA, Beethoven, Christopher Hart, digital artists, animators

Favorite Annoying Orange characters: EVERYBODY!

Favorite ships: Fronnie (all generations), Freddica (all generations), Frexy (all generations), Mettafrisk (as shown up there), Ennby, Balloby, Toy Bonngle, Fangle, Goldentrap, Balloon-Puppet, Bidyreena, Charisk, Soriel, Alphyne, Enorace, Jamma

Favorite South Park characters: Stan's and Craig's gangs, Wendy, Mr. Mackey, Mr. Garrison (plus Mr. Hat), Ike, Terrance and Phillip

Favorite subjects: math, biology, chemistry, physics, art, music, English, Chinese


Just how many Valentines did I send the whole week? Too much...I guess I’m too nice.

Happy Chinese New Year! May your year be filled with prosperity, and may everything go as you like it!
It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve! Can’t wait for our family dinner!

*looks at old artworks and cringes*
So my tumblr friend FortressDash wants me to draw Tweek soon! That’s what I’ll be doing today ;)
It’s Friday, Friday...

(Immediately dislikes Rebecca Black’s music video and watches even better parodies.)
Merp. No drawings for just this week. Have to prepare for a huge Chinese test.
Woot! Been here for a year already! Thanks for all your support!
My art is so horrible that I wanna just deactivate.
I feel that everyone’s just taking my kindness for granted.
Might as well start with the South Park Solos Pack.
My gosh! GamerRosalin99 got banned! Hooray!
Mention this guy: Dred46. He is a baddie and is a pedophile. BLOCK HIM! 


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Hey guys! I'm gonna make data for the Fallen Kids. Thanks to KuranaMinamino for inspiration!

1. Alice Wilson
Alice Wilson by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Allison Jean Wilson
Nicknames: AJ, Aly/Allie, Alice
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Nationality: British
Lies with: Papyrus
Soul: Patience
Height: 3'7''
Status: Deceased
Bio: Alice's best quality is her patience and kindness. Up to this day, she still wears a faded ribbon on her head (it was a present for her birthday from her great-grandmother). Even though she was like this, she somewhat held on to a pretend knife and said it was for defense just in case she encountered some sort of danger, along with a pack of bandages for healing. No one believed her, so this made her spend most of her time alone. When she actually fell down, she was frightened of the monsters that lurked, causing her to run away. By the time any of them wanted to fight her, she just stayed motionless and got killed.

2. Charlene Peterson
Charlene Peterson by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Olivia Charlene Hope Peterson
Nicknames: Olive, Ollie, Hope, Charlie/Charli, Char, Swan
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Nationality: American (her mom is African-American)
Lies with: Sans
Soul: Integrity
Height: 3'10"
Status: Deceased
Bio: It was Charlene's dream to become a professional ballerina, so she practiced every day. When she struggled, she really told her teacher that she was having a hard time, and she stayed true to herself. Because of this, she was known to be the most graceful among the family. Growing up with the rest of the fallen kids, she had heard stories of people falling into Mt. Ebott, she became frightened and to this day, became reluctant to go outside and play. One Monday morning, her mom asked her to go outside and practice her steps, and, hesitantly, she went. She was leaping and twirling in the forest until she lost her balance and fell into the unseen mountain.

3. Darci Jones
Darci Jones by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Katherine Darci Jones-Torrance
Nicknames: Kate, Kathy, Dars, Kat, Darci, Angel (she was…like…the nicest person ever)
Gender: Female, but has a crush on Martha
Age: 11
Nationality: Irish-American
Lies with: Undyne
Soul: Kindness
Height: 4'10"
Status: Deceased
Bio: Darci was the most thoughtful member of the Jones; she helped her mother cook and do the housework. Cooking was Darci's forte and her favorite hobby. When going outside, she would hold a frying pan to shield herself from projectiles. As a kid, all she wanted to do was to teach cooking and help others at any time (even when she realizes that she tends to overdo it). When Darci started middle school on her eleventh birthday, she was made fun of because her classmates thought she was too much of a nice person (she got squashed on). Darci started crying and ran far, far away from school, and ended up in Mt. Ebott.

4. Martha Furukawa
Martha Furukawa by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Yasuko Furukawa
Nicknames: Yasu, Martha (English name), Smarty-pants
Gender: Female, but has a crush on Darci
Age: 13
Nationality: Japanese
Lies with: Muffet
Soul: Perseverance
Height: 5'3"
Status: Deceased
Bio: As a kid, Martha stressed education, and loved to challenge herself with complex topics. Although she found herself struggling, she would never give up and continue working. Everyone befriended her because she knew everything, and her mates often looked up to her for help in schoolwork and homework. Since she got used to studying hard and all that, she would express herself through words. Even though Martha had many friends, she was an introvert inside because she paid so much importance to work and such. She even thought all knowledge came from reliable resources, mainly books. On a field trip one day, she overheard her classmates talking about the fictional Mt. Ebott. Martha strayed away from them as she knew they would pester her with imaginary information. But she tripped on a vine some time later, and fell down.

5. Ian Takahashi
Ian Takahashi by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Daigō Takahashi
Nicknames: Dai, Ian (English name), Ranger, Eagle
Gender: Androgynous male
Age: 10
Nationality: Japanese-American
Lies with: Mettaton
Soul: Justice
Height: 5'0"
Status: Deceased
Bio: The son of a ranger, Ian took shooting lessons every weekend. Growing up with Martha, he had believed that Mt. Ebott was just hogwash. He got expelled from school once because of bringing a gun and firing bullets at bullies, who were teasing him about his androgyny. To get justice, he had killed them. At that time, Ian got so frustrated and shot the police. In fear of being caught again, Ian had ran away, only to find himself in a patch of golden flowers.

6. Justin Greene
Justin Greene by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Elias Justin Greene
Nicknames: Eli, Justin, EJ
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Nationality: German-English
Lies with: Asgore
Soul: Bravery
Height: 4'1"
Status: Deceased
Bio: Justin would stand up for anybody who gets beat down. He would always take karate classes (and he earned a black belt!) to toughen up. But underneath that tough sheath lies compassion. Justin believes that everyone is evil at heart, but when he fell down Mt. Ebott after being teased by big boys, he actually found out most of the monsters underground were very friendly unless provoked. Even though Justin was attacked several times before he passed away and remained as a soul, he constantly moved forward and forgot all his mistakes.

7. Frisk Tam (later Dreemurr)
The Fallen Child by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Chae-Yeong Tam
Nicknames: Chae; Determinator; Tammy; Frisk (English name)
Gender: Female
Age: 8
Nationality: Korean
Lies with: Toriel (most of the time)
Soul: Determination
Height: 4'2"
Bio: Frisk is a good child at heart and is willing to do anything to help others around her. Growing up with the fallen kids before they died, Frisk had heard stories of the fictional Mt. Ebott, and didn't want to die there. After her parents passed away, leaving her as an orphan, she was sent to a horrible orphanage in which nobody befriended her. After a few weeks, she got sick of living with the cruel kids and felt like running away. Determined to search for a place to reside in, she quickly ran off to the forest and tripped. 

8. Chara Monaghan (later Dreemurr)
Chara by yuzuyukatrap
Name: Chara Leslie Monaghan
Nicknames: Char, Leslie, Killer, Les
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Nationality: Australian-American
Lies with: Frisk during the Genocide Route
Soul: Determination (corrupted)
Height: 4'4"
Status: Deceased, but reawakened after Frisk's completion of the Genocide Route
Bio: Chara was the daughter of a serial killer, thus gaining the catchphrase, "Kill, or be killed." Ever since she was a baby, her parents and siblings had maltreated her and left her alone most of the time. Later on, as she grew up, she was traumatized by past memories of whacking and slapping, and decided that she would just be on her own. At home, she would get her action figures and say to herself that those were her true friends. She would also imagine worlds in which the inhabitants (imaginary creatures) would befriend her. Since Chara hated humans, she thought they were violent and evil. To get away from everyone who treated her badly, she ran off to the forest and found a huge sinkhole. Being curious, she crept closer, tripped on a vine, and fell down, only to find herself in Mt. Ebott.
I guess that's it. Be sure to comment on my writing!
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