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吴佳颖 (Anna Wu)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
People's Republic of China

Marionette Gifts Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Chica Requests Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Bonnie Point Commission Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Mangle Kiribans Closed Stamp by Ink-cartoon Golden Freddy Contest Closed Stamp by Ink-cartoon Freddy Commissions Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by Ink-cartoon Toy Freddy Collabs Closed Stamp by Ink-cartoon
DISCLAIMER: I don't swear/curse when it comes to anything. Even just the tiniest bit. So, to eliminate that, I just put asterisks (*) when I want to do that. Sometimes I might do that in my art.

Also, please be mindful of comments and do not use my art without my permission!

你好 (ni hao) everyone! Anna here. Thank you to ChicaChickson for making this SFM poster of my persona, to Ink-cartoon for the art stats stamps, and to KyubeyGirl and Vanilla--Shake for all the "Sansational" pagedolls!

Please also follow my friend on Tumblr (even though I only have DA), fortressdash. Here's her website:

You can call me Gacha (I've changed my persona :)). For the icon I've posted, go here:…,…, and…

I'm a Chinese girl who loves to draw, dance, and sing (and I'm a Gachapin fan even though I never watched the show and I'm Chinese)! If you watch me, no need to say thanks; you're welcome! My birthday's the same as Grumpy Cat's (I'm such a big fan of her memes)!

I upload mostly FNaF crossovers (and favorite art of FNaF, VOCALOID, Minecraft, Undertale, Disney, Happy Wheels, Gravity Falls, Lazytown and Dr. Seuss), and my icons come from several deviations of mine. My references come from the one and only Akage-no-Hime, Zieghost, and sometimes projectTiGER. I don't do digital art, but I want to be a SFM or MMD animator someday. I'm 3/6 deredere (mostly 'cause I'm hyper and sweet), 2/6 dandere (I'm a little shy and I'm buried in books), and 2/6 tsundere (I pretty much start out hostile at first but I get warmer). I have athazagoraphobia, or the fear of being left out, replaced, or forgotten (just like Springtrap in Sailor-Caesium's reference sheet of him), and yes, I'm currently residing in the USA (before Trump was elected).

My fandoms are FNaF, VOCALOID, Mr. Men, Disney, Dr. Seuss, Lazytown, TTTE, Gravity Falls and such. I can speak Chinese and English well (not to brag) and a little of French. Although I'm not an utaite, I sing FNaF and Vocaloid songs "ryouseirui/androgynous" style and play piano and violin.

I mistakenly add statuses though. Someone please make MMD models of FNaFazbear's (and Miss Peregrine's because there are NONE right now and I'm worried). :)

(Listen. In my FNaFazbear's fanarts, I know some of you believe that Fukase would make a good Ennard, but I don't use him since I only use those Vocaloids from & Akage-no-Hime's chibis, but I might add him! Also, my persona didn't use her chibis as well because Yukari is actually the Plushtrap of the FNaFazbear's series and I am sorta considered the male version.)

Name: Jiaying (Anna) Wu - 吴佳颖 (meaning "good and clever")

Nicknames: Anna, Gacha

Language Stats:
Chinese: native
English: expert
French: intermediate
Japanese: expert at pronouncing words, noob at other aspects
German: noob
Filipino: noob

Personality: smart, funny, creative, jelly (a lot of times), tsundere, caring, exciting, extrovert, ENFP (on the 16-personality scale), happy (most of the time), emotional

Name: Ryuto Gachaplush
Nicknames: Ryu, Gacha
Colors: green, red, purple, yellow, pink
Personality: playful, tsundere, sometimes violent, funny, cute, lovable, amiable
Chara items: headphones, video game console, stuffed Freddy Fazbear, drawing supplies, computer

Favorite Japanese VOCALOIDs: Luka, GUMI, Miku, Piko, Rin, Len, Lapis, IA, miki, KAITO, MEIKO, Yukari, Lily, Iroha, Ryuto, flower, Fukase, Yuki, Kiyoteru, Nana, MAYU, Zunko, Akikoloid-chan, Zing

Favorite English VOCALOIDs: OLIVER, DEX, DAINA, AVANNA, YOHIOloid, Fukase, Zing

Favorite Chinese VOCALOIDs: Tianyi, YANHE, Yuezheng, Stardust, Zing

Favorite Korean VOCALOIDs: SeeU, UNI

Favorite Spanish VOCALOID: MAIKA

Favorite Macloid: Nana

Favorite Voiceroids: Ai, Shouta, Yukari, Zunko

Favorite UTAUs: Aiko, Akio, Yami, Teto, Tei, Amai, Maiko, Gikai, Gitai, FL-chan

Favorite Fanloids: Haku, Neru, Meiko Sakine, Rei, Rui, Piko Kurotane, Miku Zatsune and the genderbends

Favorite FNaF game: FNaF 2

Favorite FNaF characters: Golden Freddy, Foxy

Favorite FNaF 2 characters: Toy Animals

Favorite FNaF 3 character: Springtrap

Favorite FNaF 4 character: Nightmare Fredbear

Favorite SisLoc characters: Funtimes, Ennard

Favorite Gravity Falls Character: Bill

Favorite Seussian character: Cat in the Hat, basically everyone...

Favorite Disney Character: I don't know...probably all animated characters!

Favorite Lazytown Songs: We Are Number One, Cooking By the Book, The Mine Song

Favorite Undertale Characters: Basically everyone, especially the Goats (Asgore, Asriel and Toriel)

Favorite Lazytown Characters: Robbie, Stingy

Favorite TTTE Trains: Thomas, James, Percy

Favorite Minecraft mobs: creeper, enderman, villager-all mobs!

Favorite YouTubers: MaximumChannel, Rye-Rye99, Markiplier, Fred, Annoying Orange, Maxie, PopularMMOs, DanTDM, MiffedCrew, Sharmlove1234, Te zel, and other SFM or MMD animators

Favorite Annoying Orange characters: EVERYBODY!

Favorite Mr. Men: The ones in the show

Favorite Little Misses: The ones in the show

Favorite SHIPS: Fronnie (all generations), Freddica (all generations), Frexy (all generations), Mettafrisk (as shown up there), Ennby, Balloby, Toy Bonngle, Fangle, Goldentrap, Balloon-Puppet, Bidyreena

I want to thank the following: KuranaMinamino, theJaZZiDraGon, teampikachu9945, Chibikki-ikki and other nice peeps!




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Hey guys! I got this from a blog post of a student who is interested in science. 


That's one word that some people might be interested in.

Lots of us have seen shapeshifting in movies, such as the Animagi in the Harry Potter series, and we've heard about lycanthropes and vampires in folklore. But, after seeing some YouTube videos, we've found evidence of reptilian shapeshifters.

Image from: mean, shapeshifting might be pretty impossible, but after seeing footages of celebrity interviews, I've found proof—in the eyes. Look closely at a reptile, and you'll see that it has slit eyes. What about us? Well, check out this photo of Hillary Clinton back then.

Even without looking at the description, you'll see that the eyes have slit pupils—reptile eyes, in other words. The color changed from blue (normal) to green (reptilian).

David Icke, an English writer, has said that some world leaders are related to reptilian humanoids from a star system, including both George Bushes, the Queen, and Obama. We don't know if this is true, as 4% of voters believed in Icke when he conducted a poll.

Leave it in the comments and tell me what you think. Are reptilian shapeshifters dominating the world?


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Hey guys! I need more points for commissions because it seems like I've donated almost all my points to people!

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Chibi FNaF OCs!
Here's another comm! Just send me your FNaF OCs and I'll draw them!
Face Reveals!
Hey guys! Just wanted to say that I'm up for comms. Just send me a face reveal and you can have it drawn!

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